Mum to a Man-child

My original idea here was to add in a wee definition of what a man-child was. After jumping on over to urban dictionary I was a bit disappointed about what was there. I mean, it made me laugh, and it definitely made me nod my head and agree BUUUUTT it wasn’t what my man-child is!

It made me think, us ladies all moan and groan about our grown man-babies but maybe there isn’t a generic guideline for ‘how to be a man-child’? Things that perhaps drive me up the wall might be something someone else wishes their boyfriend/fiance/husband would do!

Regardless, we all need a little rant sometimes and if someone can relate and/or laugh at my misfortune and my day to day issues then its all worth it.

I hope in the least that some of you can relate to my #firstworldmanchildproblems lol.