Tim Tam Cheesecake Balls

These Tim Tam balls are the bees-knees! They don’t take long to make and are SO easy! They are also perfect to give as gifts.
My latest idea is to try making them with the new Banana Tim Tams…watch this space!!!


•  250g Tim Tam’s
•  250g Cream Cheese
•  300g Milk Chocolate
•  100g White Chocolate – to decorate (optional)

1) Add Tim Tam’s in a food processor and crush well.
2) Add the cream cheese and mix until well combined.
3) Roll into balls and freeze for about 30 minutes until the balls are semi-hard
4) Melt milk chocolate in a bain-marie and then coat each ball while still frozen. You will need to work quite quickly on this step. **See tip below to ensure the balls are covered completely in chocolate.
5) Once the milk chocolate has set, melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie and drizzle over balls for decoration.

** After plenty of online research about how to ensure the Tim Tam balls are fully covered (without flat sides from resting), I found the best way was to stick toothpicks into the balls while frozen, dip them in the chocolate and let the excess drip off and then stick the other end into a cardboard box of some sort (i used a pizza box and it worked perfectly!). The result equals perfectly covered chocolate balls and no mess as the excess chocolate just drips directly onto the cardboard. From this point you can then drizzle the white chocolate across all of the balls at once … you will thank me later for this tip!



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